The MiLLL project’s utilise ‘best of breed’ Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) services, many of which the Ministry hosts itself in the cloud. The following lists the services and the FOSS technologies that power them.

MiLLL Course Site (This website)A WordPress multi-site instanceHosts courses made up entirely of Open Educational Resources (OERs).
MiLLL BBBAn instance of BigBlueButtonA video conferencing system made for teachers, comparable to Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams, supporting large group meetings, recording, break-out rooms, and many other features.
MiLLL MoodleA Moodle instanceThe market leading Learning Management System, with lots of useful educational features.
MiLLL ForumAn instance of the Discourse Forum engineAn online forum where any registered user can post topics and respond to others’ posts. Posts can be part of the assignments for various OER-based courses
MiLLL School SiteA WordPress multi-site instanceCan offer an individual school website for each school in Samoa.
MiLLL ChatA Rocket.Chat instanceA virtual space where any registered user can chat, either publicly or privately (Direct Message) with other users. It allows for audio messages, video chat, and many other features.
MiLLL Password ManagerA self-hosted instance of BitWarden (VaultWarden)An encrypted ‘safe’ in which a computer user can securely store her/his passwords and other important ‘secrets’, and have them automatically synchronised with, and available on, any devices s/he uses. Also supports shared secrets among families or organisations.
A list of MiLLL’s online services, all FOSS and hosted by MiLLL’s technologists.